Farmhouse Cider at Roger Wilkins Cider Farm in Mudgley

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider

On Saturday night, we were over in Wells in Somerset. Somerset is my favourite part of England. People are just so nice. Its peaceful, quiet and scenic… its no wonder everyone you meet is happy. If you’ve not been to Wells, I highly recommend it.

The better half and I were having dinner at this great little pub / inn called the The Fountain Inn located behind Wells cathedral. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend it. Anyway.. I got talking to two locals at the bar whilst ordering a pint of the local Butcombe bitter (again highly recommended)… who told me I could go cider tasting at a farm in Mudgley owned by Roger Wilkins.

They told me that his cider was pretty strong so go easy… someone they knew had 3 pints and spent the rest of the day asleep… so advised only having a half… but they also said that it was the best cider I would ever drink… Needless to say I was pretty excited to visit this place…

So the next morning after one of the best full english breakfasts I’ve ever had at The Post House, a little B & B in Chewton Mendip (again, highly recommended), we set off navigating down little narrow country lanes to find this farm.

My two tips…

  1. take an up to date Tom Tom / sat nav…
  2. make sure you have a designated driver

We arrived at this farm… we must have looked a little out of place as we wandered into the barn… we really looked like we were from the city. It must have been about 11.30am, and some locals were chilling in the barn drinking cider… we were met with smiles all around… which was nice.

There were three huge barrels in front of us. Then I saw some glasses being waved in the air and a country voice shouted ‘what would you like… dry, sweet or medium’. I asked the man, who turned out to be THE legend Roger Wilkins, what he recommended and he offered up the medium. What a nice guy!

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider - The legend pours his equally legendary cider

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider - The legend pours his equally legendary cider

Poured straight from the barrel, it was good stuff… almost too easy to drink… and then it hits you… I was told to go slowly… advice I took on board… and given that my shoulder was hurting badly, and there was no paracetamol around… the cider was a good alternative! I also tried the sweet cider.. which was loooovely… The guys in the pub were right… I’ve never had cider that nice.. especially proper cider like this…

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider - The sweet cider

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider - The sweet cider

He also sells a lot of local produce from a whole variety of jams (e.g strawberry and fig) and preserves, to gorgeous in season vegetables (including some HUGE onions), eggs etc. We saw some lovely tomatoes, apples and honey so bought a few to take back with us… along with an obligatory 1 litre ‘jerry can’ of sweet cider..

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider - juicy tomatoes for sale

Roger Wilkins Farmhouse Cider - juicy tomatoes for sale

I personally think there should be more people like him and places like this… a good product produced by someone who loves what he does… appreciated by many…

If you are in the area… highly recommend you go there…

Roger Wilkins’ Cider Farm is Landsend Farm, Mudgley, Wedmore, BS28 4TU. Open Monday to Saturday from 10am-8pm and on Sundays from 10am-1pm. For more information contact 01934 712385.

Here is another great article about the place.


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