Tierra Brindisa

So after just the most excellent meal at Barrafina… I had Tapas on the brain. Brindisa, with their outpost at Borough market and their grilled chorizo rolls at their market stall, was the another obvious place to check out. When at Borough market I always stop by the market stall and the shop to pick up some goodies… but it’d been a while.

I stopped by their branch in Soho for a quick bite to eat. It was perhaps a mistake on my part to be comparing it to Barrafina even before I walked in… but its hard not to. The hospital green and yellow walls are not the best choice of colour to inspire or encourage spanish flavours.

So what did I have

Chorizo Plate

Tierra Brindisa - Chrorizo Plate

Tierra Brindisa - Chrorizo Plate

Fatty, paprika loaded and spicy. Nice with the glass of syrah I had ordered. This was quite a generous portion. Perhaps the slices could have been done with more precision so I wasn’t eating chunks but on the whole.. good!

Pimentos Padron

Tierra Brindisa - Pimentos Padron

Tierra Brindisa - Pimentos Padron

Small peppers, similar to a japanese shisito, that are fried and sprinkled with salt. They are not spicy and not too greasy either. This was another generous portion. I love eating these at any time… comforting in a way I guess.

Grilled scallops with bacon

Tierra Brindisa - Grilled scallops with bacon

Tierra Brindisa - Grilled scallops with bacon

This was a four small scallops, served with the roe on.. with potatoes, balsamic and two pieces of crispy bacon. The scallops though small, were sweet and perfectly cooked and the crispy bacon to accompany it was fantastic. Scallops and bacon are always a genius combination.

The Tapas isn’t in the Barrafina league but it is still nice and generous.

However the service wasn’t great… a smile doesn’t hurt does it?

I do recommend going to their stall at Borough market for the chorizo roll!

Tierra Brindisa is located at 46 Broadwick Street W1F 7AF. Tel: 020 7534 1690

Website: www.tierrabrindisa.com

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